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On The Market Software 


“Registering deposits is one of the most important compliance tasks a letting agent must complete as part of the tenancy process, but it can also be a time-consuming one. This integration not only saves letting agents' more time,

but also reduces their risk of making manual errors.”

“This is another example of how productivity and compliance can be improved to everyone’s benefit with huge reductions in time by not duplicating data entry.”

"We hand-selected TDS because they offer a true technology-first approach to deposit registration. Their clear documentation, alongside a robust testing environment, has enabled our talented engineering team to integrate the service within 4-weeks, saving our agents precious time and money."

SME Professional 



“The TDS API functionality reduces our mutual customers’ operational costs and helps to reduce data entry errors associated with lodging deposits.”

“Yardi is excited to offer this new functionality to our customers in England and Wales to help them manage their residential tenancy deposits more efficiently, making the whole process easier and faster than ever before.”

“The TDS integration is both a time and cost-saving enhancement to AcquaintCRM, making our customers’ life quicker and easier when processing tenancies.”

MRI Real Estate Software

Dwellant Building Intelligence

GNB Property Software

"MRI has worked with TDS for many years and the latest iteration of the integration means that our mutual clients benefit from less double keying between systems, generating cost savings, time savings, and data accuracy."

"Our integration with the TDS means deposit protection is effortless, connecting everyone involved in the journey to one easy-to-use, collaborative, integrated and secure platform."

"We know that our client's success is our success, so we want to provide them with all the tools they need to succeed. That includes a way to safely hold and manage deposits that works to, not only educate every party but, protects all of their interests too. We want our clients to have top-quality resources and that includes TDS."

Letting a Property

Apex 27

Proman Technology Services

"As we enter an exciting growth phase, it's crucial for us to align with the right partners, who share our commitment to technology excellence and have the capability to support our future vision. With unrivaled functionality and simple API integration, TDS was the natural choice for us."

"Apex27 is all about saving agents time, and one of the best ways of doing just that is to automate repetitive tasks.

The integration between Apex27 and the TDS Custodial Scheme offers a simple single-click solution to setting up a security deposit and retrieving the scheme reference number."

"Proman’s upgrade to the Tenancy Deposit Scheme’s latest API provides our shared clients with a simple, secure, and efficient deposit administration and reconciliation."

EREC Estates


"This integration with TDS API not only enhances our work efficiency, saving time in the creation of TDS accounts and data entry, but also significantly reduces our error rates, allowing us to avoid the pitfalls of human error."

"We are delighted to release our latest integration with both the TDS Custodial and Insured schemes. It greatly benefits our mutual clients by replacing a manual, repetitive and time-consuming process with a simple click of a button, saving agents' valuable time and removing the need to dual key the same information again and again."

Agents user experiences

“Goodlord's integration with TDS for insured deposits easily saves us 10 minutes per new lead. It will make sure that we adhere to timelines and the deposit registration criteria.” 

Ricky Purdy, Director of Lettings, Dawsons

“The TDS API integration is a fantastic addition to our agency! The deposit registration is seamless, and by automating this part of the deposit process, we can put the time we save to good use in other areas of our business, saving us time and money."

Eric Hochstatter, Spicerhaart

“The advantages for us have been a reduction in admin-heavy data entry, meaning we can focus on other areas in our roles. The API has given us a competitive edge by allowing us to use the time we have saved in automating this part of the deposit process to grow our business.” 

Rent Group Lettings Agency

Our Bespoke software integrations…

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What does the API do?

The TDS API connects your lettings software/CRM (the software letting agents use to manage their tenancies/property portfolios) with the TDS database to transfer the tenancy deposit registration details at the click of a button.

Is the API available in both schemes?

The TDS API is available for customers using both the TDS Insured scheme and TDS Custodial scheme.

How do I find out if my software provider/CRM offers the API integration?

There are a number of software providers we are already working with. To find out if your lettings software provider already offer this feature, contact the TDS API team at api_enquiries@tenancydepositscheme.com to let us know which software provider/CRM you are using and we can confirm if the integration is already in place.

Do I need to contact my software provider/CRM to let them know I want to benefit from the API?

Yes, we encourage our customers to let their provider know that you would like to use the integration feature. If you are sending an email, don’t forget to include our API team (api_enquiries@tenancydepositscheme.com) into the correspondence and we can communicate with the provider from there, on your behalf.

I don’t currently use TDS for my deposit protection, but want to benefit from an API with my software, is this possible?

The TDS API is exclusively for use by TDS customers. If you do not currently use TDS, we have a dedicated switch team who can assist with transferring your deposits to TDS. Find out more about switching to TDS here.

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